The Libra Coin ICO claims to be a highly profitable cryptocurrency that is just emerging, one with a huge profit margin for investors. However, we have done a lot of research into this cryptocurrency initial coin offering. The signs are not good and it appears to be just another crypto scam that is not worth the trouble. This is our Libra Coin review and we are here to shut this mess down once and for all. It will be available on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, as well as a standalone app.

It is worth noting that this platform is not a crypto exchange or brokerage service. Like Bitcoin’s blockchain, the Libra Blockchain provides transparency, which means that anyone can view the status of any transaction. Merkle trees, data structures that can quickly detect any changes in existing information, are used to protect information.

Like other cryptocurrencies, Libra uses cryptographic security, operates without a central bank and runs on a public ledger. It also uses pseudonymous wallets and transactions take place using public key operations. Naturally, Facebook’s plans to launch a blockchain-based payment system have caused discontent among governments, banks and financial regulators. The company’s scandalous reputation for loosely managing its users’ data for marketing purposes has played a role in this regard.


There are no retailable products or services offered by Libra Coin. The affiliates are only able to market Libra Coin affiliate membership itself. A possible licensing procedure under Swiss supervisory law would only commence once a specific licensing application were received by FINMA. In accordance with its practice, FINMA would neither provide public information on the status of any ongoing licensing procedure nor speculate on when it may be complete. As exciting as the whitepaper release is, you shouldn’t hold your breath. Already, government entities are requesting that Facebook hold off on development until they can figure out regulations.

If an MLM company does not reveal who is running or owns it, think twice before joining and/or investing any money. The planned international scope of the project requires an internationally coordinated approach. In particular, the definition of requirements for managing the reserve, and the governance around it, as well as for combating money laundering should be developed in international coordination. Below, FINMA provides an indicative classification of this project under Swiss supervisory law on the basis of the information available so far. This scam is one of many trying to pry crypto away from unsuspecting victims and should serve to highlight the importance of doing research before investing in a project. The account claims the wallet address being used for the fake ICO has so far raised a total of 3 ETH from the sale, but its balance is still at 2 ETH on Etherscan.

Libra vs. Litecoin

The display automatically reflects payments and balance in fiat currency exchange rates. Any interest incurred by assets supporting Libra cryptocurrency will emanate to the operators how to buy pirate chain of the network; hence, blocking users from earning interest on balances. The Libra Association is an independent, nonprofit membership organization located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Some organisations have decided to leave the Libra project before its launch. These include Visa, MasterCard, eBay, PayPal, Stripe, Mercado Pago, Brooking Holdings and Vodafone. Libra and the Bitcoin are fundamentally distinct due to the Libra Association and Libra’s reserves. Ideally, there’s a location in the planet for both of them, but at its primary focus, Bitcoin remains a highly speculative asset.

Legal Disclaimer

Therefore, Libra Blockchain is a single data structure that records transaction and status history rather than a set of blocks. This approach speeds up the work of applications that access the network. Facebook acknowledges its team played an instrumental duty in developing the Libra Blockchain and the Libra Association and will remain primary developer for the rest of this year. But in 2020, after the network launches, the social media giant will have equal governance rights as other founding members. A permissionless network would hinder any organization or group of firms from holding a concentration of power or eliminating access to any others, but the hurdles to a permissionless structure are sharp. Usually, the more nodes you incorporate to a network, the slower it becomes a clear hurdle for a cryptocurrency with international expectation.

By studying the community and following the hottest trends in the cryptocurrency industry, it allows both professionals and amateurs to trade effectively. In fact, using its intuitive algorithm, the program claims to be 97% effective at trading profitably. However, the open-sourced project is a centralized payment system, given that the Diem Association is responsible for ensuring the validity of the network. It will then be possible to convert fiat money into Libra and then add it to the Bitcoin wallets. From there on, they can use the money for everyday transactions or hold it. The Libra Method website is currently the only platform where you can buy and trade Libra Coin outside of the U.S.

The purpose of the association is to harmonize and offer a structure for management of the system and reserve and govern social impact grant-making in support of financial inclusion. The membership of the association is created from the network of validator nodes that govern the Libra Blockchain. Cryptocurrencies and derivative instruments based on cryptocurrencies are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing how to get into cryptography money rapidly due to leverage and extreme asset volatility. You should carefully consider whether you fully understand how cryptocurrency trading works and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing all your invested money. As such, Facebook and other Libra Association members plan to launch a cryptocurrency that can be used to make payments worldwide without worrying about security or transaction speeds.

What Is Libra? A Guide to Facebook’s Upcoming Cryptocurrency

It ensures smooth interaction between members — the validation nodes network — by helping them expand, develop and promote the network. The Libra Association is an independent, non-profit organisation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The location was well-chosen because Switzerland is famous for its neutrality and active blockchain technology development. These guys expect us to invest thousands of dollars into this emercoin value, yet they won’t even tell us who they are. Unless there is something shady and illegal going on here, there is just no other good reason why the folks in charge would keep their identities a secret.

Diem will be launching a digital wallet called Novi, through which you can easily interact with the blockchain and approve certain financial transactions. Next, for these guys to take investments from people, and do all the stuff which they claim to do, this company needs to be real, registered, and licensed. However, we could not find any evidence that this Libra Coin ICO is registered, not as an incorporated company or otherwise. For all intents and purposes, this initial coin offering consists of a website and a bank account for you to shovel money into. The project which Facebook anticipate to launch in 2020 with 100 partners would be the most far-reaching experiment by the mainstream firm to venture into the world of cryptocurrencies.

According to the plan, Libra would create an alternative to cash, credit cards and bank transfers. Interestingly, in his rather lengthy message, Zuckerberg never once called Libra a cryptocurrency. But meanwhile Calibra subsidiary will provide little more than a wallet to hold and spend Libra.

According to Perez, Facebook does not want to become another asset management fund. He cited BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, and said Facebook does not want to compete in this market. Perez confirmed that the major world currencies will back Libra after its launch. Additionally, Perez is confident that all regulatory issues will be resolved by the time the cryptocurrency is launched. That day, Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page that the company and 27 other organisations had united to create a new currency called Libra that would be scheduled for release in 2020.

Every personally recruited affiliate is placed directly under them (level 1). Referral commissions are given out on funds invested through a unilevel compensation structure. The affiliates of Libra Coin “lend” LBR points back to the company once invested in, to receive a daily ROI.

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